That is what they say isn’t it? New year, new me?

Well its’s definitely a new year… but am I a new me? I don’t really think so, after all I feel the same… but the blogging is definitely a new thing. I’m not really sure how to do it? Do I just write and hope someone reads it?

So far this year I haven’t actually taken any photos. Which is odd for me as I am usually the ‘photographer’, I haven’t taken a single selfie or even a photo of any of my friends. Actually- as I’m writing this I just remembered my friend T took a picture of me the other day! I’ll obtain it from him and add it to this post…

Right here:

I think over time you’ll get to know me better and how odd but strangely normal I am. I’ll talk a lot about my family and friends, because after all they have the biggest impact in my life.

The majority of people I know didn’t enjoy 2016. Which is fair, but I personally had quite a good year. I rebuilt relationships and reconnected with old friends, I attended 5 weddings, I went to 3 new countries, I got a car, I moved home, I got a better job, got closer with some family members and I made NEW friends. So it wasn’t bad for me, of course there were bad days but thats a story for another day.

If I had a glassΒ i’d raise it in a toast to my new blogging adventure, unfortunately I don’t so I’m going to eat a brownie instead. Mind you, not sure its the best idea seeing as its 11:30pm on a Sunday night and I have work tomorrow at 9am. Meh.

Speak soon

Love Chants x