Last year Pokemon GO! came out and everybody went absolutely ballistic over it. I was not one of those people, at the time I had a dodgy temporary phone so I didn’t even bother installing it and by the time I upgraded the hype died down. My mum is still on it though, still searching for the Pokemon and hatching eggs. It never really appealed to me, it all seemed a little bit pointless.

But ACTUAL Pokemon. Now that will always be a great thing. So 2 nights ago, whilst I was in bed I was thinking about Pokemon- random I know. But I remembered that a few years ago I had an emulator on my phone which allowed me to play Game boy Color games. So I went on the hunt to the Google Play store and immediately found one for a Gameboy Advance. See now, the last Pokemon game I played was Pokemon GOLD, this was because after that I had sort of grown out of playing with handheld consoles and I was more into theΒ home video game consoles. I downloaded the emulator onto my phone and found a ROM for Pokemon Sapphire (which I had never played). This was a very exciting thing for me!

I began playing and have genuinely been glued to my phone ever since. Its still early days and I only have 3 gym badges. I’m currently trying to get the fire gym badge… We’ll see how that goes! Haha! I would highly recommend getting an emulator app and playing some old school games. Here’s what it looks like on my phone: (you can also turn it landscape)

If you have any Pokemon tips please share ’em! I’m practically a newbie!