Good morrow to you!

So, Sleepy Hollow.

Now I for one – love Sleepy Hollow. The film version is probably one of my top 5 films, I absolutely adore it. I came across the series when I was looking for something new to watch, that hadn’t already had too many seasons. So there it was- Sleepy Hollow in all its Tom Mison glory. Now, because I love the film version so much the series had A LOT to live up to… Well we’re on season 4 now and I’m still watching so they must be doing something right, right?

Now the sad departure of Abbie Mills left me, really in denial. I secretly hoped she would be coming back but I wasn’t aware that we’d be losing other characters too. Daniel, Sophie, Joe!? I know we’re only one episode in and there’s plenty more to come but they were definitely missed. One friendly face was of course Jenny, thank goodness she came and saved the day.

I really quite like Jake and Alex, I think they add a nice vibe to the cast and although they aren’t quite Sophie and Joe, they are very likable characters. Diana though? I really don’t know about her, she may have to grow on me… They’re setting her up like she’s the next witness, her wonderful, kind, supportive partner is killed by a demon and its Abbie Mills and August Corbin all over again.

The first episode of season 4 wasn’t dramatic nor has it left us wondering very much. It was more like a setting the scene episode. Ichabod has been taken out of Sleepy Hollow, he’s gained a Homeland Security partner, reconnected with Miss Jenny and has found a wonderful (pretty convenient) archive room set with its own researcher AND engineer.


I’m interested to see which direction they take this season. I think the only thing I’ve been left wondering is, is Diana the witness or is it her daughter? The pictures that kid is drawing of Ichabod aren’t only very good but they are also slightly creepy, especially considering she doesn’t know the guy. We’ll see what happens!

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