Afternoon all,

As you know from yesterdays blog post I am currently in Bournemouth and since I have been here I have done nothing but spend money.

Yesterday I had a rather nice walk to the hotel, took about half an hour but I got to walk along the beach so that was a plus.

I got to the hotel at around 4pm and straight away decided on having a kip (this is quite typical of me and is something I do very regularly). I woke up a couple of hours later really hungry and dehydrated, so I decided to have a wonder. I thought it would probably be best to stay near the hotel considering it was so dark so early, so I popped round the corner and found (very conveniently for me) a whole bunch of restaurants and a news agents. I popped into the news agents first and then decided on a sausage in batter and chips to feed my hunger! I then concluded the night by watching a film called ‘The two faces of January’ and then some Law and Order: SVU (one of my faves). So all in all a very relaxed first day!

Today its pouring down with rain and has been since I woke up this morning at around 9am. Despite this I still told myself that I would go out. I’ve avoided the beach today because my goodness, could you imagine? I’d be completely and utterly drenched. So I decided to go into town and do a spot of shopping. I went to M&S and spent way too much on lingerie, then headed to Primark and of course spent money again, I headed to Boots and- can you see a pattern emerging here? This is why I shouldn’t be left unattended near shops. And this isn’t a case of ‘if you’ve got it, spend it’ because I most certainly do NOT have it.

I’m sitting in a Costa right now, I just had a chicken and chorizo panini and I’m sipping on a mango and passion fruit cooler- Yum. Please don’t judge me, I know what it looks like. I’m slowly becoming those people I hate. Why are you sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop? Don’t you have a home? This is what Bournemouth does to me, honestly. I’d never do this in London…

Tomorrow I want to go to the aquarium (yet again more money being spent)… We’ll see about that though. It depends on what time I wake up. I think check-out is 12… or 11? I’ll have to check that.



Chants x