Good day all!

I wanted to share with you my first experience of a cheese and wine night. So my dear friend F invited me and a few of her friends round to her place for a cheese and wine night. I obviously jumped at the opportunity as I am an insane lover of both cheese AND wine.

It wasn’t due to start until around 9PM (because of different work commitments) so I had a bit of time to waste before-hand. I went to an annual departmental party with some colleagues and that was brilliant. I had about 4 glasses of wine and I think it was safe to say I was merry.

Upon arriving at F’s house there was a beautiful spread on the table and some Camembert in the oven!


It was really well done. There was every type of wine you could think of, a ton of different cheeses, grapes, plenty of breads and olives and nuts. Honestly- everything was there.

We spent the night chatting and catching up, having a little gossip here and there. Overall it was a brilliant night. I ended up getting an Uber home and honestly I passed out as soon as I entered my room (at about 3.30am). I woke up the next morning at about 8am (STILL drunk!)… A slight headache but no real hangover. We all had Β a great time though!

I think cheese and wine nights are probably my new favorite thing!


Chants x

Sweet Potato Fries… Whats the deal?

Guys, honestly…

What’s the deal with sweet potato fries?

I mean, we all know they are undeniably tasty and they make any meal 10 times better but… since when?

They weren’t always such a big thing, now wherever you go there’s the option to have sweet potato fries for an extra Β£1.50. The reason I ask this is because the other day I went to Tescos and purchased a pack of sweet potato fries. Now they aren’t something I’d usually buy, I’d only really have them if I was eating out. So to have them at home felt like a real treat, however I had them last night and the novelty wore off real quick.

I had them with some vegan bean burgers and maybe it was the combination but I got rather sick of eating them after a while. This probably sounds odd but they were just too sweet! Yes. I know. You don’t have to say it ‘SWEET potato fries Chants, the clue’s in the name’. It just wasn’t as good a meal with these little orange fries. Upon reflection I’ve come to the realisation that every time I’ve had sweet potato fries I’ve had some sort of wine whether it be dry sauvignon blanc or a nice crisp prosecco. Maybe the wine balances out the sweetness of the sweet potato fries and makes them more enjoyable to my palette. Maybe I’m being 100% extra and it makes no difference.

Either way the fries WEREN’T the same.

I think I might have a go at making them from scratch to see if it makes a difference – or I could just continue eating out. As you’ve probably gathered I’m incredibly indecisive. Its a wonder how I get anything done!

Thoughts on the sweet fries?

Chants x