Good avo,

(No I’m not Australian but I did say that in an Aussie accent.)

Why do people who are unhappy in their relationships keep going back to their partner?

This is a genuine question that I don’t understand…

I know, I know its easier said than done and of course love is a huge factor but I just don’t get it. I know a handful of people who constantly complain about their other halves and how terrible they are – yet they get back with them. Why?

As I said, I know love is a huge factor and honestly we all know how important love is for a successful relationship. But unlike Disney movies, love doesn’t solve everything. If you can’t spend a minute away from your partner without suspecting them of talking to someone else or cheating… how do you expect to have a healthy relationship? If you can’t spend an hour with them without arguing, how do you expect to progress in your relationship?

Relationships are partnerships and they involve things such as compromise and sacrifice. I realize that statement sounds way more dramatic than it actually is.

The reason for this post is because a few of my friends AND family have told me repeatedly about their relationship problems, to which I am very receptive, empathetic and supportive. However, spending hours talking to them and convincing them to do what they want (moving on) only for them to do the opposite and get back with their partner, can be and quite frankly – ISΒ very frustrating.

Now I have two very close people to me D and L and they have both told me that I get ‘too invested’ in other people’s problems and I have a tendency to make other peoples problems my own. Maybe I DO get too involved? Maybe when people come to me for relationship advice I should say “Do whatever you want”. After all I’m hardly an expert in relationships – I’ve been single for well over 3 years and I don’t see any potential for a boyfriend *rolls eyes*.

It just bothers me that I see my close friends and family self sabotaging themselves, my friend L was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and only after she removed herself she realized how toxic the relationship was.

At the end of the day no matter how much good advice you give someone, if they don’t want to listen – they won’t!

Rant over!

Speak soon

Chants x