Morning all,

So today I want to tell you about my foodie weekend.

Friday – was my last day in Bournemouth! I decided to treat myself to some food from the hotel cafe and I must say- it was really rather tasty. I ordered a burger topped with chilli and some chips. Here it is:


I then took a nice long stroll to the train station, passing the beach and all the shops on Bath Road. Luckily for me it didn’t snow in Bournemouth but it snowed in London so I was rather chuffed with that!

Saturday – I had arranged to meet up with my friend L. We had decided we were going to go to Bromley for something to eat. It was local and reasonably priced so we headed there and went on the hunt for food. We both had a craving for some Italian food… there were a couple of places and we decided on Ask Italian. For our starter we ordered (to share)


Afternoon all,

As you know from yesterdays blog post I am currently in Bournemouth and since I have been here I have done nothing but spend money.

Yesterday I had a rather nice walk to the hotel, took about half an hour but I got to walk along the beach so that was a plus.

I got to the hotel at around 4pm and straight away decided on having a kip (this is quite typical of me and is something I do very regularly). I woke up a couple of hours later really hungry and dehydrated, so I decided to have a wonder. I thought it would probably be best to stay near the hotel considering it was so dark so early, so I popped round the corner and found (very conveniently for me) a whole bunch of restaurants and a news agents. I popped into the news agents first and then decided on a sausage in batter and chips to feed my hunger! I then concluded the night by watching a film called ‘The two faces of January’ and then some Law and Order: SVU (one of my faves). So all in all a very relaxed first day!

Today its pouring down with rain and has been since I woke up this morning at around 9am. Despite this I still told myself that I would go out. I’ve avoided the beach today because my goodness, could you imagine? I’d be completely and utterly drenched. So I decided to go into town and do a spot of shopping. I went to M&S and spent way too much on lingerie, then headed to Primark and of course spent money again, I headed to Boots and- can you see a pattern emerging here? This is why I shouldn’t be left unattended near shops. And this isn’t a case of ‘if you’ve got it, spend it’ because I most certainly do NOT have it.

I’m sitting in a Costa right now, I just had a chicken and chorizo panini and I’m sipping on a mango and passion fruit cooler- Yum. Please don’t judge me, I know what it looks like. I’m slowly becoming those people I hate. Why are you sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop? Don’t you have a home? This is what Bournemouth does to me, honestly. I’d never do this in London…

Tomorrow I want to go to the aquarium (yet again more money being spent)… We’ll see about that though. It depends on what time I wake up. I think check-out is 12… or 11? I’ll have to check that.



Chants x