Now don’t panic.


My good friend M has just found out her mother has breast cancer (for the third time!).

It’s got me thinking about how hard it is to deal with cancer and don’t you think cancer patients and those who support them are amazing?

It takes a lot out of you dealing with cancer and we all know how important it is now-a-days. We are constantly on the look out for cancers and with all the different screening services and diagnostic processes we have, we are getting better and better at identifying them before its too late.

People say “why are we giving money to research charities if we still haven’t got the cure for cancer yet?” and I get it. However research is done every day and the way we are living now is a result of that.

Quality of life for one thing. Think about how many people are cancer survivors… that isย thanks to techniques and methods of treatment that weren’t available before we did different forms of research.

It is so important to get involved.

We ARE moving towards beating cancer and this post isn’t a post about how we need to do more and how we should be grateful and blah blah blah. It’s more about awareness, for us to realise that the powers that be ARE trying to help and that not all hope is lost.

I mean, could you imagine the amount of money the pharmaceuticals company that discovers the cure for cancer would make!?

We are getting closer and closer.

Speak soon

Chants x



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