Morning all, happy Friyay!

I haven’t posted on here in a few days and honestly its because I’ve been lazy. I went back to work this week and its been rather hectic. I didn’t realize how difficult and time consuming it is to write blog posts every day!

So this post is about the financial transition between December and January.

Why do we do it? Every year we all do the same thing where we say “Nope! Not this year, I will not be broke… I will not spend hundreds of pounds on Christmas!” yet, we still do it and we still find ourselves in a situation in January where we can barely get through the month.

I am incredibly guilty of this, this month has been an absolute struggle. I have about ยฃ15 quid to my name and I’m getting paid next Tuesday. I am in a silly amount of debt just so I could pay for Christmas and get everyone what they wanted but quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

The problem with my family is- they have everything they want.

I think moving forward I need to be more prepared… by buying gifts throughout the year and making sure that I actually save money aside for the new year.

How do you get through the Christmas period? Are you like me or way more organised?

Give me some tips! Let a girl know!

Speak soon

Chants x


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